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Are you worry to bring or send timber to your country?

Now you don't need to worry anymore, because here in Cv Tirtha Wangi all items already in treated / Fumigated and if you still worry, we'll give you a certificate declaration of the wood, complete with a stamp that you can show if the officer (custom) asks you in Airport. Many customer been helped by this to bring wood back to them country.

worry bring wood timber fumigation

How statue are made?

1. Cut the wood into several pieces. You can cut wood using a cutting machine. Shape wood into sculptural forms that you want to create. Create the basic form only. This will ease you to make a statue in the next step ,
2. Prepare a wooden Hammer. This is used when you carve the sculptures in more detail.....

how to made statue wooden statue

How to treat the wood?

Seen in this video how to treat the wood, so the wood craft remain clean and shiny.
Tools that is needed:
1. Brush
2. Shoes Polish / Wooden Super Wax
3. Premium Gas / Petrol

how to treat wood shiny

Variety of Timber

1. Hibiscus wood
Hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus), also known as sea hibiscus has been long known as a shade tree or roadside embankment and the river banks and beaches. Although the editorial is not too dense, the hibiscus is not preferred because of its roots in so as not to damage the roads and surrounding buildings....

timber wood variety of timber