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How to buy from us?
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  2. Select Product Order Now.
  3. Check your cart at Your Cart Button Enquire Now
  4. Check your pre order list at Order History Button
  5. The list with the price will be send to your email address
  6. 50% deposit must be paid before order is made
  7. We will inform you weekly about the progress for the order and send picture also.
  8. If the order finish, we will inform you and you have to pay the rest of the balance order.
  9. For the shipping cost, you can see and download it below ↓ ↓
    For update price, please contact us. Thank you

How to make payments?
  1. The payments can be done by paypal, credit card, or bank transfer.

How to send the goods?
  1. The shipping could use a plane or boat. The boat system is door to port.
  2. If using air plane, they will take faster than using boat. But the cost will be more expensive.
  3. Shipping by air plane, will be charged according to weight and plus volume if the size to big.
  4. If by boat will be charged by size from minimum 1 cubic meter. No matter about the weight.
  5. Total time required if using an plane is approximately 5 to 7 working days.
  6. If you use boat, it will take approximately 30 - 40 days maximum.
  7. For the shipping cost, you can see and download it below ↓ ↓
    For update price, please contact us. Thank you

How the delivery system using boat in LCL (Less Container Load)?
  1. The goods will be coming from Bali to Surabaya by trucking.
  2. In Surabaya they will be deliver to Singapore and waiting to full container which same destination.
  3. If using full container (20 or 40 feet), they don't need waiting to get full in Singapore because the container already full in Bali. They will direct shipped from Bali to the destination port.
  4. The cost shipping must be paid first.
  5. The cost shipping include : Trucking from Bali to Surabaya, Packing, Fumigation (for the goods and for the crate which made by wood), Documentation (this important to showing the agent when the goods coming in the port, the document will be sent 1 week before the goods arrive in port by DHL or POST to your home. When you coming to pick up the goods to the port, don't forget to bring it and show it ti the agent.)
  6. You will be charged tax to bring out your goods from the port. The cost of taxes depending on each country.

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