How statues are made

Cut the wood into several pieces. You can cut wood using a cutting machine. Shape wood into sculptural forms that you want to create. Create the basic form only. This will ease you to make a statue in the next step

Prepare a wooden Hammer. This is used when you carve the sculptures in more detail. Pick hammer is not too large. In accordance with the strength of your hand. So that if you use it, the hammer is not too heavy nor too light

Prepare a balinese Chisel. This is used when you carve the statue form. In one package chisel, there are a variety of sizes and shapes, some are concave, straight, and pointy. It is used depends on the form of the statue to be made. Use the size and shape of chisel appropriate.

Form a timber in accordance with your imagination, you can use images to design your carving. For starters, make a simple form. If so, then start with a fairly complex form, you can also add engravings of flowers or whatever you want.

If the process is finished puree carve wood sculptures with sandpaper. Sandpaper the sculpted section until smooth. This step is also important because it will beautify the statue that you created. You can sand the flat portion with a sanding machine, for better results.

Further, clean the wood with a brush and start paint the carvings with a shoe polish or a wooden wax, adjust the color with the color you want. If you want the color in brown, use the brown shoe polish, if you want it in natural color, use a natural shoe polish. Remember to mix the shoe polish / wooden wax with some petrol / premium, to make dry faster. Wait until it realy dry, then brush it until your statue get shine.

Ok, that all i got. Hope you can do it at home. Do practice and practice, your talent will raise up.

Hope this post is usefull for you. Thank you

how to made statue wooden statue

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